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April 15, 2016


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The Ontario Association of Public Health Dentistry


OAPHD-LogoOAPHD is an association of dental professionals whose prime interest is the oral health of the general public. Our members work in local public health departments and provide oral health information and services for the communities. Other members include university faculty and students who have an interest in public health dentistry. OAPHD promotes oral health and advocates for improved access to dental care for all Ontarians.

OAPHD - "Dedicated to health for all by assuring optimal oral health"


NEW - OAPHD Strategic Plan 2014-2017 (pdf)

NEW - OAPHD Strategic Plan 2014-2017 Summary (pdf)


Financial Assistance in Ontario


For the most part, Ontario residents pay out-of-pocket or use private dental insurances for their dental care.

There are programs or clinics, however, that help to provide some access to care for the most vulnerable. 





Did you know that more than 2.3 million Ontarians cannot afford to see a dental professional and that one third of workers in Ontario do not have medical or dental benefits? 

Learn more agout this and more from recent resources...





OOHA VideolinkNEW View video - Inequalities in oral health and access to dental services among Canadians -Produced by: Basem Danish, McGill University.









Ontario Oral Health Alliance Forum 2015


Needed: A Tommy Douglas for dental care!!  

It's time to ensure people in need can access oral health care.

Medicare doesn't cover our teeth and gums. About 2.3 million people in Ontario don't see a dentist because they can't afford it. Their health and wellbeing suffers as a result. This costs us all as people in dental pain turn to hospital emergency rooms and lose work days. How can our health system ensure that people in need have access to the oral health care they require to be healthy? Two recent reports tackled this issue. Hear from a panel of health and community spokespeople who will share their knowledge and ideas.  Learn more...