Tips for Infants

Lift the lip once a month to check what's underneath.

Never leave a baby with a bottle containing anything other than water at night.

Be food-wise from day one.

Clean the teeth daily, starting when the first tooth comes in.

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19168276Early Childhood Tooth Decay (ECTD):

You can keep your child's teeth healthy for a lifetime. Very young children from the time they get that first tooth should be encouraged to "brush", or have a parent brush for them. Early Childhood Tooth Decay (ECTD) is also know as Baby Bottle Syndrome, and Early Childhood Caries. It can occur in young children where their mouth and teeth are bathed regularly and often overnight in liquids containing sugar (milk, fruit juices, glycerine, medications).


Going to bed with a bottle is of particular concern. Once your baby has teeth, you should not let them go to bed suckling on a bottle. If your child needs a night bottle water should be offered in the bottle. Early identification of the condition helps to limit the damage to the baby's teeth.


Lift The Lip:

At least once a month lay the baby on your lap and gently lift his/her upper lip to allow you to see the upper teeth. If there is any color change, white or grey, in the areas close to the gums, take your child to see a dentist right away or call your health department/unit.


Follow this link to view an instructional video for parents to help their children brush.


Accessing Care:

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for information on accessing care for your child.




Baby Teeth are Important

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Congratulations on Your Pregnancy

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Congratulations on Your Baby

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